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Under the Prophet in Utah
by Frank J. Cannon and Harvey J. O’Higgins.

The Brethren
by T. O. McCallister

Tell It All.
by Mrs. (Fanny) T. B. H. Stenhouse.

Brigham’s Destroying Angel
by Bill Hickman.

2000 Changes in the Book of Mormon
by Lamoni Call.

View of the Hebrews
by Ethan Smith.

Manuscript Story
by Solomon Spalding.

Wife No. 19
by Ann-Eliza Young.

A History of Illinois
by Governor Thomas Ford.

Life In Utah.
by J.H. Beadle.

Mormonism Unveiled
by John D. Lee.

Reminiscences of Early Utah.
by R.N. Baskin.

The Rocky Mountain Saints.
by T. B. Stenhouse (Incomplete)

The History of the Church

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Many more books to come!!!

Welcome to the on-line resource for classic books on the topic of Mormonism from the 1800’s and early 1900’s. I hope you come back often. I’ll be adding more resources as time permits. Feel free to print out the books here and read them off-line. They are not copyrighted.

You have a mind, use it! The books you’ll see posted on this site are the one’s that are quoted in the writings of the Tanners, Ed Decker, Jim Spencer, and many other Apologists both positive and critical towards Mormon Church. Here you can see the original sources and judge the facts for yourself.

I’m working to make these books into an easy to read format. Some of these books are exclusive to this site. Some of these books can be found posted on other sites, but are difficult to read due to the way they are formatted or presented. As much as HTML will let me, I’m trying to keep the books as close as possible to the original look from the time they were first printed. But there are some limitations. One aspect I haven’t preserved are the page numbers. These books are being present in a different format and to make them easy to read without distractions, the text will not be broken by the individual pages of it’s printing debut. I feel it distracts from the enjoyment of reading the text.

Update 12/3/09: Major changes are coming to this site! Seeral years ago the webmaster freeservers took over half the web site off. I had no access to the web to maintain the web site. Now I'm hopefully for good. I'm going to clean up the mess and make it possible for you to read the books offline. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM MY SHOP!!! I no longer sell those programs because they do not work on Windiows 7. Everything from my site will be free from on.

Would You Like To Help? Do you have a book from 1800’s to early 1900’s that deals with the topic of Mormonism not posted here? There are many works that have been published that I may not have access to at this time. If you can help please contact me and let me know.
Dana Robertson - webmaster 30

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Books to be posted in the future: “History of the Saints”, “The Story of Joseph Smith” by his mother, “The Early Days of Mormonism,” and “The Fate of Madame La Tour.” Add Me! Go To Project Gutenberg
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